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AI Assisted APIs

Cutting-edge blockchain tools, data and services to empower building crypto applications.

  • Established tech stack, tools & standards
  • Enterprise adoption & integration
  • Tailored execution environments

Truverse Products and APIs

Get access to over 100+ endpoints using a single point of integration.

Digital Wallet APIs

a Digital Wallet that incorporates the best features, security and authorization processes existing today. MPC-based, utilizing TSS and Distributed Key Generation, backed up by a 3rd Party Escrow. Allocated on multi-distributed nodes, Truverse APIs Wallet as a Service can offer customers both server and mobile nodes.

  • Get Wallet Balance
  • Get Address Details
  • Get Transaction Details by ID
  • List Confirmed Transactions by Address
  • Get Wallet Asset Details

Node Infra Solution

With industry-leading uptime, connection reliability, and 24/7 node monitoring and maintenance, Truverse APIs node infrastructure solution makes building on the blockchain simple. We take care of your nodes, while you focus on growing your business.

  • Get Block
  • Estimates Mart Fee
  • Validate Address
  • Get Network Info
  • Get MEM Pool Entry


Subscribe for a new block, new transaction, new token transfer, new internal transaction, and more. The delay between event time and sending our callback is less than 100ms.

  • New Confirmed Coins Transactions
  • New Unconfirmed Tokens Transactions
  • List Blockchain Events Subscriptions
  • Activate Blockchain Event Subscription
  • Get Address Details From Callback

Restful APIs

Get access to endpoints for checking the validity of an address, derive HD (xPub, yPub, zPub) addresses, get fee recommendations, broadcast signed transactions, estimate gas limit and more.

  • Broadcast Locally Signed Transaction
  • Derive HD Wallet (xPub, yPub, zPub) Change Or Receiving Addresses
  • Get EIP 1559 Fee Recommendations
  • Estimate Gas Limit
  • Estimate Token Gas Limit
  • Decode Raw Transaction Hex


Create an automation rule, generate a new address and specify your main wallet. When funds are collected in this address, we forward them to your main one.

  • Create Automatic Coins Forwarding
  • List Tokens Forwarding Automations
  • Create Automatic Tokens Forwarding POST
  • Add Tokens To Existing fromAddress POST

Realtime market Data

Get access to unified market data using REST APIs collected from top crypto exchanges via their public WebSockets. Once collected, it’s processed using our internal mapping and stored in a well-designed, perfectly indexed database.

  • Get Exchange Rate By Asset Symbols
  • List Supported Assets
  • Get Exchange Rate By Assets IDs
  • List Assets Details
  • Get Asset Details By Asset Symbol
  • Get Asset Details By Asset ID

Blockchain Data

Retrieve information from top blockchain protocols on account balances, blocks, transaction activity, tokens, smart contracts, mempool, fees recommendations, and more.

  • Get Fee Recommendations
  • Sync HD Wallet (xPub, yPub, zPub)
  • Get Transaction Details By Transaction ID
  • Get XRP (Ripple) Address Details
  • List Tokens Transfers By Transaction Hash