Sagar Setia

Director, Invincible Ocean


Sagar Setia co-built one of the leading publishing houses, Invincible Publishers. With creativity as one of his unique traits, he has set forth his interests in writing, publishing, and music.
After graduating from an engineering college in 2014 and having driven his family business for four years, he took up the responsibility of supporting his brother’s publishing venture, Invincible Publishers in February 2018. And, since then, he has been a full-fledged publisher committed towards the publishing firm and its goal to digitize its entire publishing platform for the quality convenience to its authors and the readers.
Every story has a few stumbles and it is quite rare that the stumbles are stepped on to create opportunities. “Publishing has been like serendipity for me; it has made me what I am and opened up creative opportunities for me to explore.”



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