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Ajay Setia

Managing Director, Invincible Ocean

I am a 2nd Time Entrepreneur after Successfully Exiting my first Venture ‘Invincible Publishers and eLearning’, which is a Tech-Driven publishing and Online Education platform.
Before that, I worked with TCS and Lloyds bank, London as a Software Engineer for 5 years, and came back to India in 2017 to pursue my entrepreneurship journey.
While working with Lloyds bank I closely monitored the Technology aspects around Retail and commercial Banking, I was a part of Production Environment Team and successfully delivered the environments during Lloyds-TSB split.

I won the ‘Dynamic Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019’ award from Entrepreneur Magazine for running Unorganised publishing through the Organised Technology-driven platform.

With Invincible we captured almost 0.30% market share out of 19000+ publishers and reached 8 Cr+ annual revenue within 3 years. The publishing industry shaped me very well as an Entrepreneur, considering it a most challenging space with continuous warehousing, credits, and multilevel operations.

My New Venture Truverse which works in the B2B2C domain automates the Verification process with AI-assisted Technology.

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